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Graph Plotter Software

Refraction of Light Rays

Inorganic compounds

Electrical Resistance software

Mirrors and Lens Software

Gas Laws Software

Organic Functional Groups

Excellent software for students Preparing 

for Examinations 


Genius Maker ™ is the Multi-award Winning software for Maths and Science students. It is specifically designed to aid High school students in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It is an essential tool for the preparation of home work as well as examinations for all high school students.

Software modules designed by Professionals


Genius Maker ™ is designed by talented teachers and software professionals. It is designed in such a way that the students can actually play with various Scientific & Mathematical phenomena and formulas. 


Genius Maker ™ acts as a Play Ground as well as a Science Laboratory for students. Very special care is taken while designing this software that the students shall never feel that they are studying. They feel as if they are playing, but they actually learn Scientific and Mathematical stuff from each and every module.  

Quick simple way to become Genius


Genius Maker™ acts as a platform for a normal student to become Genius. Minimum computer usage skill is sufficient to use GeniusMaker. It comes with detailed Help files for the usage of every module with elaborative examples. But the menus and buttons of each module is designed in such a simple and practical way that the students can quickly start using and mastering each module without using the Help files itself.

Whom for GeniusMaker ™ educational software is most suited ?


Genius Maker educational software is for the youth of age group 13 to18. It is developed as a companion for students preparing for the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Why is it Free ? What is the Catch ?


Genius Maker ™ has 2 editions, namely, 

     Genius Maker Free Edition and 

     Genius Maker Premium Edition


The free edition is free to download for public. It provides 9 software modules free for unlimited usage out of 34 modules. The remaining 25 software modules are also provided along with free edition with limitations in capability and restriction on number of usage. On other hand, the premium edition licenses are sold for a price. It provides all 34 software modules with no limitations in capability and with no restrictions on usage. 


The people using the free edition understands and likes our software and subsequently they decide to buy license for our premium edition.

Need More Details ?


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List of Awards Won by GeniusMaker

Download Multi-Award Winner Free Educational Software - GeniusMaker

Download FREE Educational Software


File Size 4 MB (approx)

Genius Maker™ Free Edition

What is New in GeniusMaker ?

Testimonials by the users of Genius Maker


"Genius Maker is a dream software" !
- Rafael, California

.... I salute your support team. 
- CM Jeffrey, Scotland

It's a brilliant software. It makes learning easy.
- Neha Verma, New Delhi

... it became very simple for me to teach physics to my students ....
- Jessica Paul, CA

The Genius Maker software has been an incredible help to me ....
- Kerrie (Australia)


... very good software which makes to understand the concepts well...
- P. Srinivas, Andhra Pradesh


... Now he nearly crossed all the troubles he faced in learning physics and mathematics .... the name "Genius Maker" is best fit for this software
- Jerry Anderson, UK

It helps me teaching mathematics to my students... 
- K Van Straten, South Africa


... we are able to start using it effortlessly.
- Bronwyn Nelson, Queensland, Australia


... She very much improved her maths skills in the past one year....
- Ceena Thomas, Bangalore

An amazing software. Rare to see the kind of software ....
- Paul Davidson, New York


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Graph Plotter


Arithmetic, Geometric Progressions

Triangle SolverTrialYES
Equations SolverTrialYES
Analytical GeometryTrialYES
Polynomial Curve FittingTrialYES
Matrix AlgebraYESYES
Number SystemYESYES
Prime NumbersTrialYES

Polynomial Formation

Roots of PolynomialTrialYES
Complex AlgebraTrialYES
Geometry SolverTrialYES

Polynomial Expansion

Permutation CombinationYESYES


Unit ConverterYESYES
Linear MotionTrialYES
Motion Under GravityTrialYES
Projectile MotionTrialYES
Refraction of LightYESYES
Lens & MirrorsTrialYES
Doppler EffectTrialYES
Colour TheoryTrialYES
Electrical ResistanceTrialYES
Transverse WavesTrialYES
Longitudinal WavesTrialYES
Radioactive DecayTrialYES


Periodic Table of ElementsTrialYES
Inorganic CompoundsTrialYES
Molecular WeightYESYES
Functional GroupsTrialYES
Gas LawsTrialYES
pH Value softwareYESYES


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Compatibility Wndows 10, 8, 7, XP

Genius Maker

Genius Maker™ Free Edition




Genius Maker Free edition is absolutely 

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Genius Maker™ Premium Edition



Now Genius Maker Premium edition 

is available for US $ 49 

Genius Maker in Indian Context

Genius Maker ™- FREE Maths Science Educational Software 

- SSLC, SSC, CET, CEE, AIEEE, HSC, Plus 2 - 

IGCSE, ICSE & CBSE board Exam Syllabus based

Who is using Genius Maker software in India ?

  • Genius Maker ™ is specifically designed for High school students - IGCSE, ICSE & CBSE Exam Syllabus -as well as for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CET and Entrance Exam preparing students. It is developed as a companion for Maths and Science student preparing for SSLC, SSC, HSC, Plus 2, IIT-JEE, AIEEE and State Engineering entrance examinations in India as well as equivalent courses in other countries. It will be suitable for students studying for IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE board exam syllabus and State board syllabus.

  • Genius Maker education software is used by students preparing Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for SSLC / SSC Examination, Plus 2 / HSC / PUC, Pre-degree examination etc in India as well as equivalent courses in other countries.

  • This software is used by students studying CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE board and state board exam syllabus in India for class X, XI and XII.

  • It is used by those who prepares for IIT-JEE and All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) in 2022 & 2023.

  • Genius Maker is used by teachers for making model sample question papers, CBSE guess question papers in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for students preparing for SSLC / SSC and Plus 2 / HSC exams in CBSE board, ICSE and State board syllabus.

  • Teachers are using this as an aid for the preparation of sample questions in their course study materials.

  • Genius Maker is used for teaching in tutorial classes and home tuition, which yielded good results. 

  • Genius Maker is an aid for all students preparing Mathematics and Science (Physics & Chemistry) for engineering enterance examinations by various state boards in India as listed below.

  • Arunachal Pradesh Entrance Examination by North-East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST).

  • Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Agricultural & Medical Common Entrance Test - EAMCET.

  • Assam Joint Admission Test - JAT by the Director of technical education, Assam.

  • Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination - BCECE by BCECEB, Patna.


  • Gujarat Common Enterance Test - GUJCET by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHEB), Gandhinagar.

  • Delhi Combined Entrance Examination - CEE by Delhi University, New Delhi.

  • State Level Entrance Test - SLET in Jammu Kashmir.

  • Maharashtra Common Entrance Test - MHT-CET by Directorate of Technical Education - DTE, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

  • Haryana Common Engineering Entrance Test - CEET by National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra ( Haryana ).

  • Combined Pre-Entrance Test - CPET by National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.

  • Kerala Common Entrance Examination - CEE by Controller of Entrence Examination, Trivandrum, Kerala.

  • Karnataka Common  Entrance Test - CET by Karnataka Examinations Authority, Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • Under Graduate Entrance Test - UGET conducted by Manipal University. 

  • Madhya Pradesh Pre-Engineering Test - PET by Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board, Bhopal.

  • Orissa Joint Entrence Examination - JEE by Regional Engineering college, Rourkela, Orissa

  • Punjab Combined Entrance Test - PTU CET by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

  • Rajasthan Pre-Engineering Test - RPET by Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • Uttar Pradesh Technical University State Entrance Examination - UPTU SEE by Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow.

  • Goa Common Entrance Test - Goa CET by Directorate of Technical Education - DTE, Goa.

  • West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination - WBJEE conducted by West Bengal Board of Examination, Culcutta.

  • It is also used by schools, educational institutions and SSLC / SSC / HSC / Plus-1 / Plus-2 exam students of various states in India, including Jharkhand, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tamil nadu, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand 

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