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Genius Maker - School software 


Genius Maker - School Software



    Open Genius Maker software by double clicking its icon from your desktop. It opens the Main window of Genius Maker as shown below.

Genius Maker - Education Software


If you are using Free edition, then 9 software modules will have the tag "FREE" and the remaining are provided for trial. If you are using Registered Premium edition, no tag is displayed. 

    Just click any one of the software button, the corresponding software window gets opened. After using any software module, close that window. Now you will be seeing the main window again. You may now choose any other software and click its button. The corresponding software window gets opened. Similarly, you may open any software by clicking the button corresponding to that software.

Other buttons

    On top of the main window, you can see 4 buttons namely Help, About, Registration and Theme.

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