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Genius Maker - School Software

Just to say a few words to thank you. My two sons, as they were growing up, needed some help in understanding of science and its concepts. Their school was good. Teachers were good. But still, a little help would be quite welcome. That additional help came through the GeniusMaker software. It showed, visually, many of the concepts of science thereby improving the understanding of fundamentals. The kids did well in school as a consequence.

Prof. Rajivlochan

Professor and Chairman, Department of History, Punjab University, Chandigarh

The topics covered in Genius maker are vast. I bought a license for my son 2 years back and I saw, he really likes the software. Fortunately you offer 3 years free subscription for updates, we could get your recent update for version 3. My son likes your recent addition of "Inorganic compounds" module with animation of molecules. 

Deepti Sharma, Gujarat

An amazing software. Rare to see the kind of software bundle containing 30 plus softwares together at affordable price.

Paul Davidson, New York

My favourite are 3 graphing softwares. Among them, Analytical geometry software is superb. I usually do verification of all my analytical geometry problems using this. It helped me a lot. In physics softwares, I like Unit converter and Lens and mirrors.

SD Matthews, UK

It helps me teaching mathematics to my students... especially Analytical geometry, Graph plotter, Roots of polynomial and triangle solver. Good software for learning purpose.

K Van Straten, South Africa

My son is currently doing B.Tech in IIT, Chennai. Golden Kstar - Genius Maker was very much helpful to him during his IIT-JEE entrance preparation. I am thankful to the developers. Keep going.

NS Moorthy, Chennai

I am student of 9th standard. I recently purchased computer as well as genius maker. It is a very good software. Even if my computer usage proficiency is low, I wonder I am able to use it easily. Thank you

Preeti, Chandigarh

"Genius Maker is a dream software" !

Rafael, California

I bought Genius maker for my 14 year old son. He was very good in Chemistry, but had difficulty in learning Physics and Mathematics. As soon as I bought GM, he developed familiarity with the software immediately. Using GM became his regular routine in the past 5 months. Now he nearly crossed all the troubles he faced in learning physics and mathematics. I wonder what a change this software made to my son. I agree 100% that the name "Genius Maker" is best fit for this software. 

Jerry Anderson, UK

My daughter studying 11th standard is using genius software for the past 1 year. She is very happy in using this. She very much improved her maths skills in the past one year. We thank all genius maker team.

Ceena Thomas, Bangalore

The Genius Maker software has been an incredible help to me whilst studying chemistry and mathematics. The professional and appealing design make it both easy and a pleasure to use. It is by far the most useful and best looking software of its type that I have come across. Well done for producing it and making it available to us, your efforts are very much appreciated.

Kerrie (Australia)

I am physics teacher. I found Genius maker when browsing internet for a way to easily teach laws of motion in class room. To my surprise, it had so many software modules to help me teach physics. I purchased a license for my laptop. Since then it became very simple for me to teach physics to my students using genius maker.

Jessica Paul, CA

No doubt Genius maker is a wonderful software. One day my PC crashed due to some virus. The virus corrupted many system files also. I had a tough time restoring many applications in my PC. When I contacted Golden K star support team for restoration of genius maker, they gave immediate solution for fixing the problem. I salute your support team. 

CM Jeffrey, Scotland

Our son Robert, aged 11, is quick in learning any new thing. Even though Genius Maker is a bit advanced software for his age, we thought, we will buy. Since Genius maker is configured in a simple way, he was quick in learning them. He is now very conversant with most of the modules except some advanced modules like curve fitting, analytical geometry, complex algebra, etc.

Lauren Adamson, Georgia

My children are using your golden k star for the last 4 years. In my opinion it is very good software which makes to understand the concepts well. The animated progammes like periodic table is very useful for the children preparing for engg., competitive exams. Thank you

P. Srinivas, Andhra Pradesh

Very good software for students. The software flow is kept simple and is organised very carefully. So we are able to start using it effortlessly.

Bronwyn Nelson, Queensland, Australia

It's a brilliant software. It makes learning easy.

Neha Verma, New Delhi